CouplerTec vs NO CouplerTec
Evaluation test: Two identical cars in the same corrosive environment after 3,5 years. CouplerTec Electronic Rustproofing hugely prolongs the lifespan of vehicles.

CouplerTec electronic rustproofing technology

CouplerTec’s capacitive coupling technology effectively prevents and stops rust growth in your car.

CouplerTec is environmental friendly

Environmentally friendly CouplerTec prolongs a life span of the vehicle with much lower costs.

choose the best-suited CouplerTec

Size, year and working environment of the vehicle decide the best-suited CouplerTec.

CouplerTec certificates

CouplerTec is proven to work, patented and certified for EMC C-TickN28214, RoHS, IP69, CE, FCC, IC.

Problems with rust?
CouplerTec electronic rustproofing one time installation
can protect your car from rust forever!

CouplerTec Rustproofing
can efficiently
prevent and stop rust
on any vehicle,
also on yours!

Are you interested?

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