CouplerTec vs NO CouplerTec
Comparison of two same vehicles exposed to corrosive environment for 3.5 years confirmed that CouplerTec rustproofing significantly extends the life of vehicles.

CouplerTec electronic rustproofing technology

CouplerTec’s capacitive coupling technology effectively prevents and stops rust growth in your car.

CouplerTec is environmental friendly

Safe and nature-friendly, CouplerTec allows significant savings and helps maintain vehicles’ resale value.

choose the best-suited CouplerTec

In choosing the best-suited CouplerTec, vehicle size and climatic conditions are important.

CouplerTec certificates

CouplerTec is tested, internationally patented, approved, and meets the highest quality standards.

Problems with rust?
CouplerTec electronic rustproofing one time installation
protecting your car from rust forever!

CouplerTec Rustproofing System
will effectively
prevent and stop rust
also on your vehicle.

Are you interested?

  • Undeniable evidence that CouplerTec Electronic Rustproofing works

    CouplerTec-3.5-yrs-test-LancruisersThe only effective way to test this product is on vehicles that operate in the real world. By doing the comparisons between two identical vehicles is the best option. Such test was performed in Australia on two 3,5 years old