Not only spring is in a full swing

Not only spring, rust and corrosion on your vehicle is also in a full swing.

Road salt, coating on the underside of vehicles, is corrosive and can eat away at the paint on your vehicle and lead to rust damage, especially to the undercarriage. Additional accelerators of rust process are humidity and moisture. Salt sucks up moisture and humid and with warmer temperatures comes the dreaded eyesore of vehicle corrosion.

Of course this applies only to vehicles that are not equipped with CouplerTec. If you are an owner of a CouplerTec equipped vehicle no need to read any further, your car is on the safe side. But to others this tip might save your car from severe rust damage.

Give your car or truck a thorough washing. Take your car to the highly rated car wash to eliminate salt and make sure you choose the option of cleaning the undercarriage.
After you might consider a rust protection.

rust on undercarriage
Don’t want rust happens to your car? Better get CouplerTec!

Conventional rust proofing method are only as good as where they can reach.

Much better or simply the best rust protection is CouplerTec electronic rust protection. A single low-cost investment allows significant savings, reduces maintenance costs and is environmentally friendly. Guaranteed!

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CouplerTec Rustproofing
can efficiently
prevent and stop rust
on any vehicle,
also on yours!

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