Undeniable evidence that CouplerTec Electronic Rustproofing works

The only effective way to test this product is on vehicles that operate in the real world. By doing the comparisons between two identical vehicles is the best option.

Such test was performed in Australia on two 3,5 years old Underground Mining Toyota Landcruisers that operate in the same corrosive environment for the same amount of time. Result is undeniable evidence that CouplerTec Electronic Rustproofing works.


After 3,5 years vehicle LV254 is by far better because of a CouplerTec Mine Spec System installed. As you can see Vehicle LV253 is rusty as it is not fitted with CouplerTec.

Just imagine what CouplerTec can do for you, for your vehicle and for your pocket… all those maintenance costs that can be saved. All thanks to CouplerTec.

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CouplerTec Rustproofing
can efficiently
prevent and stop rust
on any vehicle,
also on yours!

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