Which CouplerTec will prevent rust growth in your vehicle?

CouplerTec is electronic protection against rust for all vehicles.

Range of nine products CouplerTec provides optimal protection for all vehicles, whether truck weighing tens of tons high-performance SUV or a small old-timer.

CouplerTec is specially beneficial to vehicles

  • exposed to salt (winter salt spreading, sea, ..)
  • exposed to ores and minerals (mines, ports, warehouses)
  • are rare and have a special value (restored valuable classic cars and oldtimers)

The choosing the best-suited CouplerTec depends

  • on the size, the year and the general condition of the vehicle
  • on the corrosivity of the working environment of the vehicle

Bigger, older, more exposed vehicle needs stronger protection from rust and corrosion.

Despite their state-of-the-art technology and efficiency, CouplerTec systems are not a miracle cure. While they will significantly slow down the process of rust growth in a badly rusted vehicle, they will not restore its past glory.

If CouplerTec can protect trucks weighing tens of tons, you can rest assured it will also prevent rust in your steel horse, be it a high-performance SUV or a small old-timer.

CouplerTec rust protection for 4WDs/SUVs

CouplerTec for CARS

CouplerTec rust protection for COMMERCIAL VEHICLES