Why rust-proof your vehicle with CouplerTec?

CouplerTec rustproofing is practical and effective.

CouplerTec rust protection is practical and effective.
  • It protects 100% of the vehicle’s metal surface inside and out.
  • It prevents rust damage on stone chips and scratches.
  • It keeps the vehicle’s paintwork looking like new.
  • It eliminates static electricity on the vehicle.
  • It allows for a simple installation and maintenance (DIY).
  • It is designed to suit every vehicle.


CouplerTec rustproofing allows significant savings.

CouplerTec rust protection allows significant savings.
  • It reduces maintenance and repair costs associated with corrosion.
  • It ensures greater resale value.
  • It prolongs the life of the vehicle and components.
  • It is transferable from vehicle to vehicle.



CouplerTec rustproofing is environmentally friendly.

CouplerTec rust protection is environmentally friendly.
  • It prevents and controls rust and corrosion electronically.
  • It uses no soil- and water-polluting toxic coatings.
  • It uses no sprays, aerosols or propellants that generate carbon dioxide and pollute the atmosphere.
  • It creates no mess and requires no cleanup and specialized storage requirements.


CouplerTec rustproofing is the best protection against rust.

CouplerTec is the ultimate protection against rust.

This reliable state-of-the-art technology does not interfere with on-board electronic and radio devices or computers. Tests have shown that CouplerTec systems are better and more effective than both the conventional and competing electronic rust-proofing methods.

CouplerTec Rustproofing
can efficiently
prevent and stop rust
on any vehicle,
also on yours!

Are you interested?

  • 2018 Abenteuer & Allrad show in Bad Kissingen

    cofAnother year gone and our 35 year old Landcruiser HJ60 is still shiny and No rust! at Abenteuer & Allrad show in Bad Kissingen, the biggest offroad exhibition in Europe.