Has CouplerTec technology been tested?

Yes. CouplerTec’s unique patented capacitive coupling technology has been thoroughly tested in both laboratories and the most corrosive environments.

CouplerTec systems have successfully passed the tests carried out by the International Corrosion Testing Centre which have shown that CouplerTec technology is truly effective in preventing rust formation.

They have also successfully passed independent testing carried out by Bosch. In addition, they have completed EMC CISPR25 (Auto Systems – Electromagnetic Compatibility Standard) classification testing which has shown that they do not interfere with any on-board electronic and radio devices or computers (engine control units, braking system…). All CouplerTec systems bear the number #N28214 which means that they have achieved CTICK (Certification of Quality) Approval.

CouplerTec systems have proven to be the best choice for use in the mines of Queensland where, for a decade, they have been protecting the over 3500-strong fleet of heavy machinery against the highly corrosive sulphur. If CouplerTec can protect trucks weighing tens of tons, you can rest assured it will also prevent rust in your steel horse, be it a high-performance SUV or a small old-timer.

CouplerTec Rustproofing
can efficiently
prevent and stop rust
on any vehicle,
also on yours!

Are you interested?

  • 2018 Abenteuer & Allrad show in Bad Kissingen

    cofAnother year gone and our 35 year old Landcruiser HJ60 is still shiny and No rust! at Abenteuer & Allrad show in Bad Kissingen, the biggest offroad exhibition in Europe.