The proof is there for all to see

Understandably there are a number of sceptics who are critical, and cynical about electronic rust proofing systems.

“With so many “devices” on the market that do nothing more than simply turn on a light, the questioning is justified” these are the words of CouplerTec Electronic Rust Proofing’s Founder, Mr. Garry Bell.
Australia’s leading manufacturer in this market space is CouplerTec, and Garry Bell, together with General Manager Mr. Grant Taylor have been attempting to have Australian State and Federal government departments get together to develop guidelines and standards for electronic rust proofing systems.
In addition, CouplerTec wants supporting evidence so that the “pretenders” are not allowed to continue to sell their “devices”.

CouplerTec constantly embarks upon field tests and permits and encourages independent research studies – not only in Australia – but also throughout the world, with the goal of presenting more irrefutable evidence of the technology’s credibility and authenticity.
“The best field test and evidence really, is our own Toyota Landcruiser” says Garry Bell, CouplerTec’s founder and Managing Director.
“Our technology works” he exclaims with an almost frustrated tone evident in his voice.

The CouplerTec 80 series Toyota Land Cruiser was purchased in June 1996 and as we enter 2016 it has now travelled more than 330,000 kilometres.
The majority of these kilometres have been off-road, on beaches, in the surf and in almost every highly corrosive environ in this great country.


“We have shot television commercials, news stories, feature videos, as well as so many photographic shoot that are evidence of where and when and what the Cruiser has been exposed to” said Mr. Bell, and added “the photos of the Cruiser with the wreck of the Cherry Venture on the beach at Fraser Island on Queensland’s sand island is further evidence of not only how harsh rust and corrosion can be on vehicles, but also highlights the fact that the Cruiser still has no rust!! Not a spec of rust”

CouplerTec is acknowledged as the World Leader and not only has its systems been tried, tested, and proven to work, but the unique capacitive coupling technology has also been granted international patents.
“As we head toward the sales of one million units throughout the world, our promise, our guarantee and our technology will continue to ensure that the lives of vehicles are extended due to this unique technology” said Mr. Grant Taylor, CouplerTec’s General Manager.

CouplerTec exports its systems throughout the world with international sales continuing to increase year on year as more and more international distributors and dealers are appointed.

The Australian Federal government via Austrade has personally invited CouplerTec to attend at multiple international trade shows and has been a strong supporter of CouplerTec as a proud Australian manufacturer and exporter of its unique, patented technology.

CouplerTec’s endorsements include scores of surf life saving clubs throughout Australia where extending the life of beach vehicles is vital. The addition of CouplerTec systems to fleet vehicles including those within government departments, and an ever increasing number of mining companies, has helped ensure that the high cost of rust of corrosion no longer has such a dramatic financial impact for these organisations.

CouplerTec has a range of systems – The light automotive range offers differing units for cars, hatchbacks, sedans, wagons, vans and 4WD vehicles, and the commercial heavy-duty range of CouplerTec systems has larger, more powerful units specifically designed for trucks, buses and heavy machinery. There are also mine spec systems for vehicles subjected to the harsh corrosive mining environments. CouplerTec has a system for every vehicle regardless of the conditions it is subjected to, to help protect against rust and corrosion.

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